Tellington TTouch, Training and Behaviour Modification, Craniosacral
Energy Work and Rebalancing for Companion Animals and Horses.

About Me

Growing up in Connecticut my family always had animals, they were my best friends and favorite playmates. I spent my childhood training, grooming and of course, playing with our family dogs. I loved practicing obedience training with them and especially enjoyed teaching them tricks. The fascination I experienced as a child of problem solving, observing and interacting with our family pets set me on a lifelong journey to find new ways to influence animal behavior that encourage trust and mutual respect.

I graduated from the University of Maryland with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Special Education and Elementary Education. I have done many things from teaching, to administration of a summer program, to running my own Decorative Painting company.

One day I was given Linda’s book, The Tellington TTouch: A Breakthrough Technique to Train and Care For Your Favorite Animal. I was excited by the possibilities of how and why this approach worked. I decided to go see Linda at a demonstration being hosted by the American Humane Society’s annual conference in Baltimore that same year. After her presentation I wanted to know more. How do the body and mind, balance, learning, self-confidence, touch sensitivity and the act of TTouch interact to affect health and behavior?

In 1993 I took my first TTouch training with horses and then started the Tellington TTouch 2 Year Companion Animal Practitioner Training in 1995. I graduated in 1997. I have been practicing TTouch ever since and I am now an Advanced Level 3 Practitioner. I have continued my education by taking classes on training, behavior, diet and other health and healing modalities and am a Craniosacral Practitoner. I love TTouch and have made Linda's approach to connecting with animals and helping to manage behavior mine. Through my private sessions, workshops, classes and this website perhaps I can help you make it yours too. family always had animals, they were my best friends
and favorite playmates.

Pam and Linda Tellington-Jones.