Tellington TTouch, Training and Behaviour Modification, Craniosacral
Energy Work and Rebalancing for Companion Animals and Horses.


Private Consultations

Private consultations are available by appointment. They provide an individualized focus so the special needs of your animal can be addressed.  Three sessions are recommended to provide enough time to learn techniques to help support your animal's progress.  For severe problems more sessions may be needed.  The first session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes while follow up sessions last about an hour.  For an appointment or hourly rates please give us a call at 301-585-5675.

One and Two Day Workshops

Come to a workshop to learn TTouch fundamentals with or without your animal companion.  TTouch is taught through demonstration and hands-on instruction. You will learn specific touches, lifts, how to use wraps and the confidence course movement exercises. Workshops can be customized and arranged to suit specific topics. Classes, Demonstrations and Workshops are being offered locally so check the Events Calendar for details.

Sponsor A Workshop

If you are interested in Workshops or Demonstrations for your Group or Organization please contact us.

Class Sizes are limited so pre-registration is required for all workshops. Make sure you download the Sign-up form and don't forget to fill out both pages!

In some instances, private consultations may be necessary before admission into a workshop to ensure that sufficient management skills are in place prior to exposure to a group setting.

TTouch Can Help With:

• Fear and Shyness • Excitability
• Car Sickness • Leash Pulling
• Jumping Up • Chewing
• Excessive Barking • Separation Anxiety • Aggressive Behaviors
Recovery From Injury or Illness
• Arthritis, Aging and Stiffness
Resistance to Grooming • Litter Box Problems • Spraying
• Tension, Stress and Nervousness • Scratching • Adjusting to Changes in the Household • And more